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Calling all sports(wo)men!

Sportimonium still continues the project ‘The Memory of Sports’.

The project wants to map out the Belgian sports heritage. ‘Where are there still old documents and photographs preserved?’, ‘Who still possesses shirts or trophies?’, these are just some questions we try to answer.

But we need your help!

We have drawn up a short questionnaire to explore where and by whom traces of our sports history are still preserved. You can access the questionnaire easily by clicking here.
Are you a member of any sports team? You would do us a great favour if you could spend 5 minutes of your time to fill in our questionnaire. Only with your help we can put our rich, Belgian sports history back in the spotlight.

Questions or ideas?

Contact the our general manager, Didier Rotsaert or send a message on our special Facebook Page.